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Hi all :) I decided to start this group because I can never pass up a cool pair of shoes....that might explain why I have over 100 pairs, lol. I hope anyone else who LOVES shoes will join and particpate here. Please let us know when you find a good deal on shoes and what store, post pics of new shoes for us, add comments or anything you would like to add :) If you are a shoe ADDICT, like me, please join us and we can get the scoop on when new shoes come out, stories of fave shoes, and much more. This is for all of you.........add anything you want regarding shoes here. Tell us about your fave pair of shoes, a pair that no matter how used they are, ya just can't part with, most comfy pair and more. I hope many of you will join us, it will be fun and useful :)

What is the one brand of expensive shoes would you LOVE to own?

Posted By MOMto2Kitties on Nov 15, 2008 at 6:11AM

I am sure we ALL love the high end designer shoes ;) Please tell us which brand you would love to own a pair of. If you have a great pair already.....please tell us in the comments. Also, please leave any other comments you wish! :)